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Owners Feedback

Below are messages and pictures from Lodon GSP Owners

Monty in action

Dear Andrew and Jane,

I hope you and the boys are well.
As it is still January, I feel I can just about squeeze in a greeting for the New Year - may 2016 bring happiness and success to you all.

It's been some time since I've been in touch, so I thought you might like to see a few photos of Monty.
Bertrand and I enjoy every minute with him, he's been in very good health and is great fun to be with.
He loves his runs off lead, we try to do two one-hour runs a day in the local park and local cemetary, with a third walk around the neighbourhood every evening at midnight.
Consequently, he's content at home. We socialised him as soon as we brought him home, he is gentle around people and always the centre of attention - without fail we are stopped every day with people commenting on his fine looks and good nature.

One couple that were particularly taken by Monty is Ted and Linzi Lloyd-Jukes.
We met them on a terrace of a small hotel in Somerset last September, one Saturday late afternoon.
They told us that following the marriage this past autumn of two of their children that they would be looking for a puppy this spring.
They were smitten by Monty and he confirmed to them that a GSP was the breed for them.

We've kept in touch by email a couple of times and the rest you know of course - I gave Ted your details, and he's been in touch.
On your website, I saw that Monty's sister will soon have a litter.
From what I observed in action while they interacted with Monty for an hour, I can't think of a nicer couple than the Lloyd-Jukes to take on the responsibility of raising a GSP.

Enjoy the 'Monty In Action' shots below and do let me know how life is for you all.

Best wishes from Bertrand and me,


Lodon Niamh and Nellie July 2015

Dear Andrew and Jane,

I hope this finds you both well. Just thought I'd send a couple of photographs of the Pointer Sisters! Niamh and Nellie are three today (how time flies!).

I hope Jasmine, Katie and Pandora are doing well?

Best wishes,


Lodon Perseus

Hi ya

Thought i'd share a quick photo with you of Henry just over 1 year old now:)

Kind regards,

Lydia Edwards-Winser

Lodon Phoebus

Dear Andrew and Jane,

I can't tell you how pleased we are with Monty.
He was one year old yesterday and continues to be a terrific boy - playful, eager to please, affectionate, social, bright and very easy.
We are constantly stopped on the street by admirers commenting on his good looks, too!

We make sure he gets lots of exercise which is likely key to his well- being (in addition to having two attentive owners of course).
As well as Queen's Park at the end of our road and the off-lead Tiverton Park nearby, we discovered a wonderful 19th century cemetary near too.
It's just ten minutes away on foot and is 25 acres of woodland, with many paths, 100+ year old trees, lots of squirrels and birds to chase.
Dogs are in theory not permitted off lead, but everyone does, and it is Monty's favourite place to be.

His favourite game is fetch, and he never tires of catching his rubber ball on a rope. He has three walks a day on average, most days two off- lead for an hour at a time, one at midnight on-lead for 20 minutes around the neighbourhood. We have a lovely gal Susanne who comes for an hour now and again when we are both going to be away from the house for more than a few hours.
Last year we took Monty by car to France six times; he travels easily and his Pet Passport is quickly filling up.

We took him to puppy training classes in the first few months and this helped tremendously in terms of Bertrand and me learning how to teach him key commands.
As he's eager to learn we now are looking around for 1:1 training for a few sessions to develop him more, we don't want him to get bored and we're excited to see what more he is capable of doing.
He is in robust health and so has shaken off two bouts of kennel cough and a recent serious bout of pro-longed diarrhea after eating uncooked spelt.

We don't plan to have him castrated, we'd be happy if he helped produce a litter.
I was wondering if you have an opinion about neutering?

How are Monty's siblng getting on? His sister whom we met when we collected him which your son was raising?
How is the property development business getting on?

Bertrand and I wish you both well, thank you very much for breeding such a gorgeous GSP.

Best wishes,